After buying a PSP in 2006 i was hooked to the homebrew scene. Then i found out about PSPKVM.
Been around since version 0.0.7. And it's improved a lot !!
Thanks to M@x and Sleeper for this great software.
Here is a small compatibility list. Most of the internet apps use the wifi.
Tested setup is WPA-PSK TKIP, PSP-1004 TA-079 with Sandisk genuine 2GB memorycard.
I tested the JSR-179 performance with my PSP-290 official gps receiver accesoire and a custom cable from

PSPKVM 0.5.3 OE LIST VERSION: 0.7 (updated 15 september 2009)
I need help with this list. There are more than 10.000 java games and applications. So if you want to help mail

Note: most resolution problems come from double images in 480x272 (scaled up 240x320)

Appno Application name Status Extra
1 3D Tetris Works  
2 4x4 Extreme Rally Works fine in lower resolutions  
3 Aces of the Luftwaffe Crash when sound is activated.  
4 Aces of the Luftwaffe 2 Chrashes if sound is activated  
5 Alarm Clock Works  
6 Alien Xenocide Works  
7 All Time Ski Jumping 2005 Resolution problems  
8 Allegro com/siemens/mp/game/Sound error  
9 Alpha Wing Works  
10 Alpha Wing EX Works  
11 Anakonda Resolution problems  
12 AncientRuins4 Resolution problems  
13 Angel Doesn't start  
14 Anti Terrorism 3 Graphic problems  
15 Anyview 3.0 Tested Chinese version: works  
16 AquaLifeX Works  
17 BanjoKazooieGRM Shutdown of psp sometimes !  
18 Bitstream Bolt browser 1.04 Works  
19 BlackJack Resolution problems  
20 BlueFTP Needs bluetooth. JSR-75 works  
21 BobbyCarrot4 Works, tiny resolution problems  
22 CallOfDuty2 Slow  
23 CannonFodder Works  
24 Civilization3 Works  
25 Colin mcrae Rally 2005 Resolution problems  
26 Collin Mcrae rally Resolution problems  
27 Company of Heroes Works  
28 Crash n Burn turbo Works  
29 Crashnitrokart Works  
30 CrashTwinSanity Resolution problems  
31 DanceValley 2009 Works  
32 DateToDate Works  
33 DaVinciCodeLight Works  
34 Docviewer Works, needs TTF for better performance  
35 Dragon_Island Shutdown of psp sometimes !  
36 DrFrankenstein Works  
37 Ducati 3D Extreme M3G error  
38 Ducati3DExtreme M3G error  
39 DungeonStorm Resolution problems  
40 EA Mobile Spyhunter Sound doesn't work  
41 EA Mobile: Burnout Works, use 240x320 for better speed  
42 EA Mobile: Simcity Metropolis Resolution problems, crashes sometimes, slow  
43 Ebuddy Works  
44 Econometer Works  
45 E-mail Works  
46 EmailReader In testing  
47 EmailViewer In testing  
48 Expense Man Works  
49 Fatal Force Works  
50 FIFA2005 Resolution problems  
51 Fileexplorer cannot set fileconnection to '..' from a filesystem root  
52 Financieel Dagblad Works  
53 FootballFans2006 Works  
54 forgotten_warrior Resolution problems  
55 FreestyleMotocross Works  
56 Fring mini Works  
57 FruitFactory2 Works  
58 FutureForce Works  
59 Gangland Resolution problems  
60 Get Cookin javax/microedition/sensor/Datalistener error  
61 Ghosts_n_goblins Resolution problems  
62 GianaSistrers Shutdown of psp sometimes !  
63 Glassplayer demo Works fine with JSR-75, doesn't play mp3 nor WMA  
64 GLU: Age of Empires III Works but performance could be better  
65 Gmail 2.0 Works  
66 Goldrushs Can't start game, keymap doesn't work  
67 Gone in 60 seconds Doesn't load the level  
68 Google Maps Works  
69 GoTalkMobile Works  
70 Governator Some menu problems  
71 GPSed White screen error
72 GPSka Works, but some errors like suddenly quit JSR-179 support
73 GPSmid Works but still in testing, maps won't work fatal error.  
74 GravityDefied Works  
75 HangmanTournament Works  
76 HardRockCasino Resolution problems  
77 HauntedTreasure Works but weird resolution ingame  
78 High_octane_rally Works  
79 HRT2004 Works, sometimes keymap fails  
80 Hyves javax.bluetooth.discovery error  
81 IceAge2 Works  
82 IceAgeSkater Graphic problems  
83 IM+ Trial software, works with MSN but there are better apps for that  
84 Imperial Eagle Graphic problems  
85 Inflight GPS Bluetooth discovery error JSR-179 support
86 J2MEmap Works JSR-179 support
87 Jbenchmark  Works  
88 JedIrc Works  
89 Jfog Crash of PSPKVM !  
90 Jibjib twitter client request Can't start wifi. Works when started  
91 Jmeboy Doesn't load the roms well. 26% of normal Gameboy speed.  
92 Jmirc Works  
93 Johnny Crash Works  
94 Johnny Crash Does Texas Alpha blending problems in menu   
95 Johnny Rumble 2 Works  
96 Juiced 2 M3G Error, doesn't start  
97 Kane & Lynch: Deadmen Works, speed could be a bit better  
98 KD Player Mime type mpeg not supported, won't play music files  
99 Kevin Pietersen Pro Cricket 2007 Resolution problems  
100 Kingdom of Heaven Works  
101 KingKong Works  
102 Kings of Rhythm Slow level loading  
103 Lemmings Resolution problems  
104 Lines Resolution problems  
105 Litefeeds Works  
106 Live Yamigo Doesn't work properly. Info is not shown correctly.  
107 LOTR_Return_of_the_king Works  
108 Luxor Works  
109 Madagascar Resolution problems  
110 Mafia Wars 2 Scarlotti's Works  
111 Mafia_Wars Earthquake effect with dissapearing levels  
112 Mail4Me In testing  
113 Mark Eckos Getting Up Works  
114 Medieval Combat Age of Glory Resolution problems  
115 Mega Block Works  
116 Mephisto Works, slow loading  
117 Meteo Works, but METAR forecast doesn't work. Is not a bug of pspkvm  
118 Microsky Works  
119 Midnightpool com/samsung/util/Audioclip error  
120 MidpSSH Works  
121 MiMessenger 138 error  
122 Mobile Chat Can't see any chatrooms  
123 Mobile Gmaps Works JSR-179 support
124 Mobile Tie Works  
125 MobileBASIC Works, network IO error  
126 MobileTribe Works but have no Facebook account to test  
127 Moblica Picasa Viewer Hangs on: test wifi connection  
128 Mobup Needs camera  
129 MobyExplorer Works, but some JSR-75 errors (creating directory permissions)  
130 Morsecode Useless, but works  
131 Moto Racing Fever 3D Black screen  
132 Movamail Doesn't connect  
133 Mtoo Works, but sometimes sound hangs. Reset in menu works. Bug has to do with gsm keypad sounds which need to be turned off says game. But pspkvm doesn't support that.  
134 MTV Mobile Doesn't work  
135 Nav4all Cannot save audio. Works only with bluetooth GPS. Needs reroute to jsr-179  
136 Need for speed Prostreet Works  
137 Nemo Works  
138 Nimbuzz Works fine, but really slow saving of contact list to memorystick.  
139 Nos Mobiel Doesn't work  
140 NS ReisplannerXtra Works, speed could be better. Install from JAD, otherwise it won't start  
141 Nulaz B3ta 0.3 Works  
142 Office Communicator 2010 Starts up, no server tested yet  
143 Opera Mini 4.2 Working, some errors with JSR-75 but speed is great  
144 Pacman Championship Resolution problems, slow  
145 Pacman Championship Resolution problems, slow  
146 PadersyncFTP Works, some JSR-75 errors. FTP connection isn't great. Only public dir's can be opened  
147 Palringo Cannot open keyboard  
148 Papla Works  
149 Pathe Mobiel Works  
150 Peek and Pick Doesn't work  
151 Pirates III Works  
152 Playboy Slot Machine Small screen, app resizes to 128x128 size  
153 Playtxt Jabber error  
154 Plusmo Keyboard doesn't work  
155 Podcast Doesn't work  
156 QuickIM Works  
157 Real Football 2008 Works  
158 videostreaming client "Device not capable" error  
159 Roulette pack Works but sound quits  
160 Roulette Tropez Works, no sound, needs better keymap  
161 Rss Reader Works  
162 Russian Mafia Resolution problems  
163 Serialport Tester Useless, but works  
164 Sheet Works  
165 Siemens Tester com/siemens/mp/game/TiledBackground error  
166 Skype Lite Works  
167 Snaptu Wifi connection fails after 3 mins.  
168 Sonic the Hedgehog Resolution problems. Needs a very fast cpu to emulate the SEGA performance  
169 Sonic_the_hedgehog Works  
170 SpyroRiptoQuest Works  
171 Stopwatch Works  
172 SudokuSpot Works  
173 Super_Mario Works  
174 SuperBomberman Works  
175 Swat Elite Works  
176 Sysinfo Works  
177 Talki Works  
178 Taylorbench Works  
179 Teashark webbrowser Works  
180 Telegraaf Working good, speed could be better. Install from JAD, otherwise it won't start  
181 The Bourne Ultimatum Works  
182 The Simpsons: Minutes to Meltdown Slow performance, some sounds  
183 Tiger Woods 07 Works  
184 Timeline Battlecruiser Works  
185 TinyTwitter Works  
186 ToGoTV Starts, but programmes cannot be viewed.  
187 Trackr Bluetooth discovery error  
188 Trackut Doesn't start  
189 Trapster Error  
190 TravelLite Works  
191 Trekbuddy Didn't test with maps, some functions don't work like create directory ! JSR-179 support
192 tRSS 1.1.5 Works  
193 Twibble Timeline doesn't work, keymap is rubbish but app works ! JSR-179 support
194 Twim Works  
195 Twittai Works  
196 Twitteresce Can't receive Tweets  
197 Works, but useless due no camerafunction. Could work with usbcam.prx  
198 UCweb browser 6.3 Works fine, slow loading of webpages. Bolt Browser is better  
199 UltraIM_v133 Works, shareware  
200 umsg Cannot resolve hostname  
201 Urban Attack Works  
202 uTweetMe Works  
203 Velox Unexpectly quit JSR-179 support
204 Virtua Tennis Works  
205 VirtualRadio 1.2 Mime type mpeg not supported, won't play music files  
206 VividStripPoker Works  
207 vNes Nes emulator Slow FPS, but it works. No sound  
208 Vradio Mime type mpeg not supported, won't play music files  
209 Warner Bros 300 No sound  
210 Wayfinder Active N73 mode:javax.bluetooth.discovery error. Other devices won't work  
211 Wayfinder Earth Some functions don't work (map and extra's) but it boots.  
212 Webuzz IM Works, but loads only half of contact list  
213 WeTravel RC27 RC29 in test, slow performance JSR-179 support
214 Whizzper In testing  
215 Windows Live Doesn't work  
216 WLIrc 2 beta Works  
217 WorldWeather Doesn't work  
218 Worms Resolution problems  
219 Worms 2 Resolution problems  
220 Worms2 Some graphic problems  
221 WWE Smackdown VS RAW 2008 Doesn't load  
222 X-MEN3 Resolution problems  
223 XXX2  Works  
224 Yamee Works  
225 Youtube "This device doesn't support streaming"  
  Wallace and Grommit    
  Fallout Mobile    
  Evan mp3 player    
  Mr and Ms Tarzan    
  Football Tycoon    
  David Coulthard GP    
  RC Thunderbird    
  Hotrod Burning Wheels    
  Super mario bros    
  Pocket Express